Variable Leather Bracelet in Sand Croc

Variable Leather Bracelet in Sand Croc

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Jewelry is an important accessory to everyone's outfit, this beautifully crafted piece of leather is made for lovers of minimalism.

Made of soft and durable premium Italian leather with adjustable length to make sure you find the right size. Small series product, handmade by Hungarian leatherworkers, with cut edges and hand-painted edges. The details are high quality Italian metal accessories.

Its size is adjustable, its height is adjustable from 150 to 200 mm. The width of the narrow strap is 15 mm.

This leather bracelet is ideal for more elegant wear or a loose casual, classic, timeless piece.

The set also includes a replaceable wide strap and a narrow bracelet.

This narrow bracelet style can be varied with the Vengru’s wide wristband, which, when expanded, wears it as a wide bracelet, making it a true 2 in 1 piece. Combine more colors together!

The wide hinge is 40 mm.