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Dori TOMCSANYI established her namesake brand in 2012.

 Growing up in post-socialist Hungary, founder & designer Dori Tomcsanyi draws inspiration from something characteristically Eastern European. That retrospective aesthetics is strongly mixed with high-end fashion and top-notch minimalism. 

 Iconic features of womenswear of the bygone days and the signature, easy-to-remember prints create a smart fusion, which emphasises the intellectual attractiveness of the wearer. 


“TOMCSANYI. Handmade with care.”

  The brand puts great focus on sustainability, sourcing natural fabrics from Italian manufacturers and producing everything, from the beginning of the design process to the sewing of the last button, locally in their Budapest studio.

 The in-house workshop provides life-long repairing services and guarantees not only the high quality of the garments but also the right working conditions and wages for the employees. As part of TOMCSANYI’s approach to sustainability, the brand doesn’t have big stock, the production of a garment often starts after an order is placed to prevent overproduction.


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