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MrCarterCo is a Budapest based contemporary accessories brand established in 2017. Since it's foundation, MrCarterCo has been quietly building a loyal following in Budapest. The core design aesthetics is manifested through clean simple forms, impeccable details and meticulous material choices. Their collections explore refined minimalistic approach to design, while functionality remains in their focus. 

The brand was founded by fashion designer Ákos Szekeres. The pieces are made for always, not just for the current season by focusing a carefully selected concept and a perfectly crafted construction. Sustainability plays a central role through design and manufacturing too. They work with leather that comes from an environmentally conscious source and use as little waste as possible.

Their bags are locally produced in a Buda based workshop, providing an opportunity to create a unique and personal item for the clients. MrCarterCo aims to create high quality designer leather bags that represent modern minimalism. The MrCarterCo woman is intellectual, independent and free-thinking. It has the duality of boldness and sophistication, coupled with strong intuitive thinking.

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