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LYS Candles creates soul warming candles from soy wax. All LYS soy wax candles are developed, hand poured, and scented with 100% natural essential oils in our Budapest studio. LYS Candles provides an alternative solution for those who love to enrich their surroundings with candlelight but do not want to harm their health or the environment. Soy wax is a newly discovered material that is manufactured from soy beans, thus it’s completely plant-based and vegan-friendly, while fully bio-degradable. In contrary to traditional paraffin candles, these do not release any harmful chemical into the air while burning. The perfectly fitted cotton wicks interwoven with paper threads provide a perfect, clean burn. Without any artificial dye or fragrance, the LYS soy wax candles are pure and fragrant representations of a natural approach to candle making. Every scent has its own characteristics thanks to the carefully chosen natural essential oils that have not only nice scent throw but positive effects on the atmosphere of the room they are burnt in.  The candles are sold in reusable glasses and tins, and the labels are from paper and easily removable. 
The LYS candles are born in a small studio in Budapest, made by hand and with love.
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