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BZZZ is the creation of Szani and Luca, two friends bonded through a mutual love of music and the arts. Surviving many parties together, we discovered how useful a hand-fan can be. We didn’t find the ones that excited us, so we decided to design our own. These fans are our favorite party moments compressed into something tactile and concrete.
Our fans are designed with passion and handmade with care. The bold graphics blend elements of nature, folklore, and tradition with modern design appeal. We experimented with many  different materials, shapes, colors and techniques to create these unique products. Every step was thoughtfully designed by us.
Our first collection has three different fans – with three different stories inspired by nature, mythology and music. Silk-screen printed textile with painted and engraved wooden ribs and a leather loop.
We have a limited edition of 100 pieces, don’t miss your chance to have your own serial numbered Bzzzfan!

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