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TheGardenStudio was launched by web designer Bálint Sikó and fashion designer Dóri Tomcsányi with the aim of creating a space where Hungarian designers can make an appearance.

The Studio, which works as a playground, atelier, showroom and, not at least, a webshop is a hub for designers who have exact ideas about their label but haven't opened their own shop yet.

As for the organizing principle, there is no scarecrow in this lush garden, the flowerbeds are not stricly arrenged, vegetable transplants and flowers live peacefully side by side. TheGardenStudio have due to fact that they don't focus solely on an elite circle of designers.

TheGardenStudio offers a large collection of Hungarian designers, besides dori tomcsanyi, there are also KELE Clothing, ZAKO, Mrs. Herskin, KITIN, JUJJ Jewellery, The FOUR, MEI KAWA, Vidó Nóri, ARTEP, Kele Sári, YKRA, The Béta Version and Masamod


+36 30 848 6163 / / H-1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede utca 18.